The Garden is now open everyday until 30 September

Gunneras in high summer


After 14 years making this garden I love it here, so I hope and think you will like it too. It is certainly both beautiful and fun. Words which crop up often in the visitors' book are 'different' and 'unusual' (meant, I think, as compliments!) and 'inspirational' appears a lot.

I won't try to describe it. It's better that you look at the pictures or press cuttings or perhaps the two video films made by garden visitors (see Press Cuttings). But it is worth saying three things: that the garden opens up slowly so there is always new interest as you go round corners, that there are plenty of benches to sit on, and that it has splendid views to the surrounding Herefordshire hills and meadows.

Twelve years ago the urge to use an old water wheel led me to build a tower which people have enjoyed so much that it led to other follies, the latest being a giant water powered cuckoo clock which you may have seen on the TV. Children love the mound with its spiral walk to a surprisingly high view point, or the path through the giant leaves of the gunnera.

We've got a really good cafe for coffee, lunches and teas, and have plenty of space inside or outside by the stream.

In the large plant sales area Liz produces an unusual range of perennials for all types of soil, generally specializing in moisture lovers, all potted from the garden.

You will find us in the beautiful Welsh Marches close to the 'Black-and-White' village of Pembridge.

Come and visit us and you will receive a warm welcome.

ps. We featured in the August issue of World of Interiors see our Press Cuttings and below you can watch two short pieces from Channel 4 TV broadcast on earlier this summer, The Shed of Year Competition and Tom's Fantastic Floating House.

Richard Pim
August 2014

Shed of the Year Competition

Tom's Fantastic Floating House