Late March

Fritillaria Meleagris

Just a few days now until the spring opening (1st April) and we are all very busy getting ready.

View taken from Cuckoo Clock

Massed daffodils have been looking good for a while, but the last few days of sunshine have kicked in that miraculous spring explosion of green shoots and early flowers – fritillaries, primula denticulata, and marsh marigolds all looking great – and the weeping willows hazed with wonderful  light yellowy green. It’s all very exciting!

Fritillaria Meleagris
Skunk Cabbage
Curl Brook

Welcome to Spring

William in the snowdrops

William in the snowdropsIt’s a day of rather cautious sunshine, a good one to welcome the early spring and to celebrate the first words of my new mini-blog on a new website. The site has been made by James Weymouth to update the one he made for me ten years ago. I hope you will enjoy them all – the spring, the site and the blog.

When writing the blog I promise I will stick firmly to the old idiom of a picture being worth a thousand words.

So that is enough already and we will take a short walk (6th March) to see what is popping up in the garden. Sadly the snowdrops are looking tired by all the wind, except for a few guarded by William, so you will just have to imagine about a million of them all looking vibrant.

More early March pictures: