The Follies

The garden is transported into quite a different league by the series of dotty and delightful follies that the owner has built RHS Garden Finder

Tower with water spoutThe follies delight many people and have received a lot a publicity on national TV. Try viewing one of these videos. Richard rediscovered a small iron water wheel which had been removed from the mill pit many years ago, and the urge to use it started a spate of folly building which has been going on ever since.

There are now 3 follies, all very large, very different and completely useless but we hope they will amuse you as you amble through the garden. The Stone Tower gushes water through the mouths of its gargoyles.

The Dome is made of 5000 wine bottles which sparkle like stained glass on a sunny day.

The Dome

Multi coloured glass wine bottles

These two Follies have been included in the book Follies of Europe. The book’s flyleaf gushes:

Built for pleasure ….. these wonderful buildings reflect and celebrate the individuals who created them……..from a contemporary fernery made of wine bottles at Westonbury Water Gardens, to the Villa Padierna’s Teatro in Marbella all are testament to imagination and eccentricity.

The Giant Cuckoo Clock

The most recent folly started as a splendid oak tower built by a local specialist. It stands among conifers and has stairs to a viewing platform which overlooks the garden.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo emerging from the clockThe tower has a watery theme, of course, with a broad shaft up the centre displaying the mechanism of the water-powered clock and singing bird. The bird song mechanism was made by the organ builder who did the restoration of the singing birds at the Villa d’Este garden outside Rome. 

We understand it is the world’s largest water-powered cuckoo clock.  Anyway, it’s fun

Other features add interest to the garden. The Summer House has an African ethnic look but is actually all Herefordshire, made from elm re-growth cut a few yards away and reedmace from the pond.

Summer House