It’s time to say goodbye!

Fifty years ago when I returned from the Middle East to view the Herefordshire Mill a friend had purchased for me, Westonbury Mill was a ruin with a sheepfield and four acres of stinging nettles.

What a pleasure it is now that so many of you come to visit regularly and enjoy meandering among the tangle of brooks and streams, willows and birches and our colourful waterside planting.

Sally and I have hugely enjoyed making the garden. While she has been in charge of many of the beds around the house and the shady orchard spinney, I have built the follies and planted up the main garden. Most recently I have developed the wildflower meadow, so do come see it now while the wild orchids are blooming.

We could not have welcomed you without some of the marvellous people running the cafe over the years, nor without our brilliant plantswoman Liz Edwards preparing the plants in pots for sale. Nor without Colin Price, the best, kindest, most reliable and hard-working help one could ever wish for.
Happily we are turning the Garden over to Mark and Deborah Constable who are looking forward to meeting you all and continuing to welcome our visitors.

Best wishes to all

Richard Pim