Summer swept in

The dry May at last allowed us to get on with the spring planting which continued here right up to the Summer solstice. The challenges of trying to improve the planting are always exciting,  probably probably in new mistakes, but I am also looking for improvements particularly in the late summer colour.

But an early improvement has come in the wild flower meadow with the second spring since scraping the top soil off a large area bringing a much greater diversity than the flowers which appeared in the first year. Twelve of the original items in the seed mix have been identified, and common spotted orchid has returned in surprisingly greater number than  those originally planted.

Wild flower close up

The early primulas, particularly pulverulenta, were particularly special this year followed by massed rodgersia. The irises are now looking good and the whole summer show is lined up. After four years quietly thinking about it the cardiocrinum giganteum  exploded on 26 June with the sheer wow it would be hard to beat. Then with the drama of an operatic diva it will produce offsets and die. Come and see it while it lasts.

Cardiocrinum giganteum


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